Multimedia Journalist


I'm currently a Wall Street Journal video journalist based in Hong Kong. I shoot and edit, produce breaking news, report feature stories, and create interactive projects. From Beijing to the Philippines, I've reported from various corners in Asia.  

My work experiences range from filing stories for the Associated Press to blogging for Los Angeles Magazine to working with African migrants in Germany. My first journalist work appeared in a self-published news and culture magazine called Jaded. As the founder I wore many hats: writer, photographer, grant writer, publisher and distributor (that person who stood outside handing out free copies). After three years of DIY journalism, we were recognized nationally for our reporting and our design.

I received multimedia training from the Graduate School of Journalism at University of California, Berkeley. I was first trained as a film photographer at University of California, Irvine. My focus on Asia American studies provided the basis for understanding race and ethnicity. 

Please refer to my LinkedIn for a complete summary of my previous work experiences.   

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